I am here in Haute Provence...

I am here in the hills of Southern France, a land rich in beauty, wildlife, sunlight, vibrant colours, flavours and scents. It is a wild and unpredictable place, one with sudden storms, droughts, wild boar and a keen mistral wind.

Over the next year my commitment is to cook and eat seasonal food grown in Provence, sometimes from as close as my own garden, often from the local markets and growers. I aim to avoid plastic wrappers and supermarkets and to leave as little waste for landfill as possible. I will be meeting the people who live here, including those who grow the food and care for the land and I’ll be sharing my notes, thoughts, photographs, recipes and scraps of local wisdom with you.

The purpose of these pages is to provide solace when the heart is weary, to praise the beauty I see, to savour the flavours and share some of the natural medicines I discover, to spark inspiration and creativity, yet to remain real and true to what I find. To use the ingredients I have to hand whether food, or those of life to make the best things I know how. In other words I will aspire to be a wise cook.

My small dog, Betty will be at my side. Please join us as we discover Provence.

Betty navigating in Provence

Betty navigating in Provence